It all started with the proofing tools

Priberam has been providing proofing tools for the Media and Publishing businesses for more than 20 years! Those were in fact the first natural language processing products delivered by Priberam and media publishers immediately adopted them.

Today, some of the biggest media groups in Brazil, Portugal and Spain, use Priberam’s line of products specifically designed for Media & Publishing to enhance their content production, distribution and monetization.

Trusted Proofing

Priberam’s comprehensive set of proofing tools provides a complete solution that can be tailored to meet specific client needs. These tools are integrated with the most used content creation products.

Intelligent Tagging

Priberam’s text mining engine automatically extracts named entities and suggests the appropriate tags for each news story. It also classifies news texts according to the IPTC subject codes, an international standard for news classification. Additionally a summary can be proposed.


Priberam’s semantic search engine helps people quickly find what they are looking for and proposes content that is relevant to what they’re seeking driving engagement. Additionally, Priberam’s QA (question answering) technology is able to answer questions in natural language.


Priberam’s recommendation system increases your recirculation. It uses a hybrid model that combines the visitor’s profile with the news read by similar users (collaborative filtering) to get the best results.

Research and Innovation Projects

To keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of the media, Priberam participates in a number of research and innovation projects specifically targeting the media industry challenges.


AudioQ aims to leverage Cofina‘s suite of products in the voice services space by bringing real-time, conversational news experience in Portuguese language to consumers. Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home are the two first targeted devices.


The goal of news.bridge is to make audiovisual/broadcasting content available in virtually any language. The news.bridge consortium involves three other European partners (Deutsche Welle, LETA and LIUM) and is funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative.


+Perto app will work as a hyperlocal information agent, using geolocation and automated writing technologies to present information such as traffic, weather, minor and youth league results, movie and restaurant reviews on nearby places, all alongside journalistic coverage from Público.

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