Semantic content selection

Powerful natural language understanding components dig deep into the meaning of streams to optimize content filtering

Crosslingual processing

Ingests, aggregates, categorizes and summarizes content from all over the world across multiple languages

Human-AI collaboration

The platform learns as you go: manual curation of specific topics is fed back into the platform to enhance future suggestions

Near real time

A high performance distributed architecture processes massive amounts of data streams allowing near real time access to actionable insights

The power of AI applied to an advanced media monitoring platform

Media Monitoring has changed

Twenty years ago, media monitoring consisted mainly of newspaper clippings. Today, it demands watching, listening and closely following the output of print, online and broadcast media. With the increased demands of the job, many media monitoring companies have expanded their teams. The EU-funded NEOSIGHT project is taking another approach.


Real-time cross-lingual global media monitoring

It is a real-time cross-lingual global media monitoring platform that can deliver actionable insight beyond the human scale. According to the project, this platform can continuously ingest massive multilingual data sources and automatically translate, filter, categorise and generate intelligence reports for media monitoring professionals.

Compliant with legislations

Created together with end users at BBC Monitoring and Deutsche Welle, the platform is also compliant with EU data protection and copyright legislations.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 885802.