The Challenge

An important part of big data is in the form of text, that is, unstructured data. This includes news, blogs and microblogs, social media, reviews, emails, messaging apps, medical records, scientific papers, patents, laws, court decisions, contracts, business documents and reports.


To make things worse, these can be in different formats and languages.

The challenge for any organization is how to extract meaningful, valuable and actionable information from multilingual unstructured data.

Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence

The Solution

Combining a thorough expertise of both Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to achieve state-of-the-art results.

Use Cases

A few examples of how we successfully combined Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies in different areas

Recommendation systems

Engage your audience and increase recirculation with highly personalized and relevant content suggestions. Additionally, profile the same audience through content related metrics.

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Digital Health

Automatically extract symptoms, diseases, medications and allergies from medical records for daily clinical practice or for research purposes.

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Media Intelligence

Process streams of both digital and social media in real time to cut through the noise and be the first to know what really matters.

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Cognitive Search

Either in a legal research system, a due dilligence assisting tool or an e-commerce site, surprise your users with instant answers to their most sophisticated queries.

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